Cancellations and Resort Rules

Terms may be changed/updated without prior notice.



Cancellations are only valid if received by email or Whatsapp.
Please confirm that emails were received.
Please note: If you do not honour your booking it will also count as a cancellation deposit and will not be refunded.

Refunds may be considered if the follow applies:
30 Days plus prior to arrival date 80% refund.
29 to 19 days prior to arrival date 50% refund.
19 – 10 days prior to arrival date 20% refund.
9 or less days prior to arrival date NO refund

If a cancelation is requested due to death in the family, it will only be considered if it were immediate family member (father-mother-brother-sister)

A valid death certificate must be forwarded to us via Whatsapp or email, with visible dates the client reported the death and cancelled the booking before cancelation policy can be applied if no certificate has been presented the client will forfeit his/her deposit.

Chalet Rules and Regulations

Arrival 14:00
Departure 10:00

Clients are more than welcome to spend the rest of the day, after booking out, on the Resort until 17:00 pm.

Key deposits:
4 Sleeper Units – R200 per unit
6 Sleeper Units – R300 per unit
8 Sleeper Units – R500 per unit

Deposits must be made in cash on arrival as it is refundable,
we cannot refund deposits if it was paid via EFT or Card as we do not keep cash on the Resort for security purposes.

We do not allow any extra people in the chalets.
With the 4 sleeper units we can allow max 4 people- 1 vehicle
With the 6 sleeper units we allow max 6 people- 2 vehicles
With the 8 sleepers we allow max 8 people-3 vehicles

During long weekends and December holidays we require a booking of min 3 nights stay.

Please read through the cancelation terms as we apply it strictly.
The cancellation policy will be presented on your quote and will also be forwarded separately via Whatsapp.


All chalets are fully equipped with bedding and towels according to the pax of the unit. (4 / 6 / 8)
1 small towel (towel mat ) in the bathroom.
Please do not use the towels for the pools.

Fully functional kitchen with necessary cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils and eating utensils equipped for 4-6-8 people, fridge and ither 4 plate or 2 plate stoves.

Each chalet has its own braai area.

None of the chalets are by the river as we do have to adhere to the restrictions of the established flood line.

Our small basic unit does not have any tv or DSTV connections and no microwave as it is a standard unit.

Each chalet has an inventory list you will be asked to check this list upon arrival and to report any damages breakages or missing items within the first hour or your arrival.
We do check the units before arrival however we do sometime miss something.
Please note if you do not report within the first hour, we accept all is in order. Reporting it on the day of departure will not be valid and you will then be held accountable for all damages and missing items.

Please do keep the unit clean and in a presentable condition.

We supply complimentary 1st toilet roll after that you do need to supply your own.

We supply complimentary dish washing liquid (small bottle) this is only refilled once per booking, if it is empty, please leave the bottle on the sink for us to refill for the next booking.
Please bring your own washing and drying cloth, scorer and sponges as we do not supply it.

Please supply your own bathing materials soaps and so forth.
Each chalet has 1 fan inside, but you are more than welcome to bring along extra.

Please do bring along extra pillows, fans, toilet paper, blankets, if necessary, towels for swimming

We do have a shop on the resort if you require any items, we do try to stock all the necessities.

Shop hours are as follow:
Summer: 07:00 – 17:00
Winter: 08:00 – 17:00

Heated pool hours: 07:00 – 21:00
As we do need to close and treat with chemicals

Slide hours: 07:00 – 17:00

All Gates lock at 21:00 and will only reopen by 07:00 the following morning.

Only if an emergency occurs, we will assist with opening the gate please contact the number on the gate.

Noise levels

No loud music will be allowed to be played out of any vehicles-boom boxes-cell phones-external speakers and so forth.

We will request you to lower your noise level of the device or vehicle a first and second warning will be given through Whatsapp after that if you do not comply, we will request you to leave the resort without any refund.
We also request you to respect the other guests on the resort and always keep the noise level to a minimum.
No loud noise will be allowed after 22:00 , as other guests and their families would like to have a rest.